AYME was established by Kaye Tribe (from the Academy of Yoga Learning) and Claire Nettley to help students access quality Yoga and MindBody education while meeting the demands of everyday life.

Many modern yoga instructors try to complete their studies quickly, in an effort to balance their own practice with today’s pace of life or to fast track their personal growth. But the reality is that yoga can’t be rushed, so we designed a course that allows students enough space and time to integrate what they’re learning while developing their teaching skills. Find out more about our different learning paths by clicking on the buttons below:


The things that guide us

We are guided by the belief that each and every one of us possesses our own inherent wisdom and inner teacher. Our role is to help you connect with that.


Our Purpose

We provide quality education for people who want to understand, appreciate and draw on their fullest capacity.

Our Mission

To provide the skills, space and guidance for people to take the journey of the ‘self’.

Our Vision

For a community of men and women to be brave enough to step up and live their truth.

Our culture

We provide a supportive learning culture built on transparency and accountability.


Our Values

  • Safety: We put our egos to one side and provide a safe and nurturing environment that facilitates your own individual growth.
  • Quality: We adopt a continuous improvement mindset, providing a high level of education that is up-to-date and combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern science.
  • Experience: We live what we teach. All our teachers have at least 5 years experience and ground the teachings of yoga in their everyday life.
  • Responsibility: We demonstrate and teach self-responsibility and have appropriate boundaries.
  • Respect: We celebrate and respect our individuality. We encourage you to honour your own truth and inner teacher.